Congratulations to Phil Moorhouse

This year’s Non Executive Director of the Year is Phil Moorhouse.

Phil received the award, which is co-sponsored by The Alchemists, in front of more than 400 members of the north east business community.

He was presented with the award by last year’s winner, Alastair Waite, who said: “I share the ambition of the sponsors to see more growing and successful businesses here in the north east and to celebrate the talent we have here.”

The judges felt that Phil Moorhouse’s impressive track record and how he had successfully adapted to the different challenges of the non executive director made him stand out.  He readily admits that it was a personal challenge, to learn just how different the role of a non-executive director is.  However, he soon learned that it is all about influencing, advising and persuading the board to achieve the best outcomes.

While he was a successful executive director he was told: “Business should be fun, but it’s no joke.”  This tenet perhaps influenced his belief that two of the key attributes of a non-executive director are a sense of humour and enthusiasm.  He explains that you do need them to build a team who will work together to deliver results.


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